The University of Tennessee Chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta was chartered on June 4, 1964. Our membership includes undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni of The Herbert College of Agriculture and The College of Veterinary Medicine.



Mark Morgan
Department of Food Science


Aaron Smith
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics


Jessica Harris-Shanks
Department of Animal Science


William E. Hart
Department of Biosystems Engeneering and Soil Science


David McIntosh
Department of Plant Sciences


Past Presidents:

J. Mark Fly, 2010-2011
Margot Emery, 2011-2012
Mike Buschermohle, 2012-2013
Cheryl Kojima, 2013-2014
Justin Crowe, 2014-2015
Kim Gwinn, 2015-2016
Joanne Logan, 2016-2017
Neel Eash, 2017-2018 (Current Past President)

Mike Davidson, 1987-88
William M. Park, 1988-89
Frank Masincupp, 1989-90
Gary McDaniel, 1990-91
John G. Graveel, 1991-92
Bonnie P. Riechert, 1992-93
G. Douglas Crater, 1993-94
G. Neil Rhodes, Jr., 1994-95
Benny R. Bell, 1995-96
Randol G. Waters, 1996-97
Bonnie H. Ownley, 1997-98
Robert S. Freeland, 1998-99
Gregory K. Pompelli, 1999-2000
James B. Wills, Jr., 2000-2001
Luther R. Wilhelm, 2001-2002
Henry G. Kattesh, 2002-2003
George F. Smith, 2003-2004
Neal S. Eash, 2004-2005
George F. Grandle, 2005-2006
Michael O. Smith, 2006-2007
Ernie F. Bazen, 2007-2008
Fred L. Allen, 2008-2009
Kelly R. Robbins, 2009-2010

C. Boyd Ramsey, 1964-65
Joe D. Burns, 1965-66
W. W. Overcast, 1966-67
H. E. Reed, 1967-68
Z. A. Henry, 1968-69
G. W. Wiegers, 1969-70
H. D. Swingle, 1970-71
J. I. Sewell, 1971-72
Robert R. Shrode, 1972-73
James W. Hilty, 1973-74
Monty J. Montgomery, 1974-75
Vernon H. Reich, 1975-76
R. S. Dotson, 1976-77
Curtis Melton, 1977-78
Donald B. Williams, 1978-79
Fred D. Tompkins, 1979-80
Hugh O. Jaynes, 1980-81
Aubrey H. Mitchell, 1981-82
David L. Coffey, 1982-83
Larry Wilson, 1983-84
Herb Holt, 1984-85
Gene Burgess, 1985-86
Ruth Henderson, 1986-87

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