Organized with 70 charter members, the University of Tennessee Chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta was chartered on June 4, 1964.
Its membership includes undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the College of Agricultural Sciences and
Natural Resources (CASNR) and the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM).

Comparative & Experimental Medicine and Public Health Research Symposium


Gamma Sigma Delta Award for Excellence in Agricultural & Related Sciences Award Sponsorship ($250)

Criteria: Presentations that represent Gamma Sigma Delta’s high standards of scholarship in agricultural and related sciences

2013 Winner:

Sarah Mays - Entomology and Plant Pathology
Ixodes scapularis as a Vector of Concern in Human Tick-Borne Diseases in Western Tennessee

2012 Winner:

Dr. Tamara Veiga - Parga, Comparative and Experimental Medicine
Regul atory T Cells Control the Clinical Expression of Viral Immunopathology during the Clinical Phase of Herpetic Stromal Keratitis

2011 Winner:

Shalini Sharma - Comparative and Experimental Medicine - Mentor Dr. Barry Rouse
Role of MicroRNE-132 in Angiogenesis After Ocular Infection with Herpes Simplex Virus

2010 Winner:

Katie Horn - Food Science and Technology Department
Combination of lecithin and high pressure homogenization

There were a total of 34 graduate student presentations eligible for the GSD Award of Merit. Of these 34 students, 10 were from CASNR and the balance from CVM. The CVM grad students spanned all the departments in CVM. CASNR grad student presenters were from Animal Science, Food Science and Technology, Entomology and Plant Pathology, Forestry Wildlife and Fisheries.

The winner of our $250 GSD Excellence in Agricultural & Related Sciences Award was Katie Horn (Food Science and Technology Dept)for her presentation entitled, “Combination of lecithin and high pressure homogenization






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