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Gamma Sigma Delta Announces Awards
Winners and Inductees for Fall 2002

The University of Tennessee Chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta, the international honor society of agriculture, held its annual fall initiation and awards banquet on November 19 in Hollingsworth Auditorium.

Each award was given to either a member of the staff of the Institute of Agriculture, an Extension staff member or was on a team of two or more faculty members that made an outstanding contribution, either directly or indirectly to the research, teaching or Extension of agriculture and related disciplines.

Merit Awards went to Alan Mathew, associate professor in animal science, for Excellence in Research, Clark Garland, professor of agricultural economics, for Excellence in Extension, and the UT Farm Bill Educational Team for Excellent Faculty Team. Members of the UT Farm Bill Educational Team are Richard Buntin, John C. Campbell, Jimmy Castellaw, Chuck Danehower, Kevin W. Ferguson, Alan B. Galloway, Delton C. Gerloff, James E. Jones, C. Dallas Manning, III, Emmit L. Rawls, George F. Smith and Karen E. Smith.

The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) awards went to Emily A Curtis, outstanding freshmen in Food Science and Technology, Erika A. Bible, outstanding sophomore in Food Science and Technology, and Brian E. Ross, outstanding sophomore in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Design, and Kathryn A. Brown, outstanding junior in Animal Science.

The College of Veterinary Medicine awards were given to Mary Lauren Louisa Mesich and Steven Matthew Rowley for outstanding first year students, Lisa Jesse, outstanding second year student and Janell Grace Kapp, outstanding third year student

Gamma Sigma Delta is a faculty-governed society that selects its members from junior and senior students, graduate students, faculty, and alumni for the promotion and recognition of high achievement. While Gamma Sigma Delta is an honor society of agriculture, it may elect members from related fields such as biology, botany, chemistry, economics, entomology, forestry, home economics, plant pathology, sociology, statistics, veterinary medicine, or zoology when the work of the individuals is related to agriculture. Officers, committee chairpersons, and other leading the chapter are faculty or alumni.

2002 Initiates

2002 Initiates

Undergraduate students inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta were as follows:

Ella Brown, agricultural economics
Kathryn Brown, animal science
Jason Burke, wildlife and fisheries science
Darla Chandler, ornamental horticulture and landscape design
Iva English, animal science
Miranda Marshall, ornamental horticulture and landscape design
Dustin Lee Miller, ornamental horticulture and landscape design
Tabitha Lee Pittman, animal science
Heather M. Rowlett, animal science
Zach Steele, forestry
Erik M. Walker, animal science
Ian Watson, ornamental horticulture and landscape design

Graduate students inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta were as follows:

Ken Armstrong, biosystems engineering technology
Gary L. Blackwell, Jr., agriculture and extension education
Jeffrey Smith Boland, food science and technology
Nancy R. Detrana, food science and technology
Emily Nicole Heinrich, biosystems engineering technology
Subi Jacob, entomology and plant pathology
Jason L. Kindall, wildlife and fisheries science
Heather Logan, agricultural and extension education
Chris Main, plant and soil sciences
Dilip Raj Panthee, plant and soil sciences
Jamey L. Pavey, natural resources
Rebecca Payton, animal science
Aaron Pierce, natural resources
January Pulliam, animal science
Ornprapun Puminn, animal science
Melody Rose, agricultural and extension education
Lajoy Renee Spears, agriculture and extension education
De'Jun Melona Stanich, entomology and plant pathology
Kimberley D. Stanley, food science and technology
Miriam L. E. Steiner, forestry
Laura Thompson, wildlife and fisheries science
Jayme Tims, ornamental horticulture and landscape design

UTIA faculty and staff inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta were as follows:

Mark Gately, 4-H
Jill Martz, 4-H
Neal Schrick, animal science
Jochen Weiss, food science and technology

Information assembled by Bonnie Douglas

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