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Gamma Sigma Delta Announces Award Recipients
and Inductees for Fall 2003

The UT Chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta, the international honor society for agriculture, announced the 2003 award recipients on Alumni & Professional Award of Merit:  Louis BuckNovember 11 at their annual fall initiation and awards banquet.

Louis Buck, an agricultural engineering graduate, was the speaker and recipient of the Alumni and Professional Award of Merit Citation.

Extension Award of Merit:  Clyde Lane

Clyde D. Lane, Jr., professor of Animal Science, received the Extension Award of Merit for his long and distinguished career with the UT Agricultural Extension Service.


The Team Award of Merit went Team Award of Merit:  Jim Neel, Aaron Fisher, Deborah Joines, Warren Gill, Clyde Laneto the Forage Mineral Survey Team. Members are Aaron Fisher, instructor, Warren Gill, professor, Clyde D. Lane, Jr., professor, James B. Neel, professor (all in the Department of Animal Science), and Deborah K. Joines, Extension assistant with the Soil Testing Lab.

Gamma Sigma Delta is a faculty-governed society that selects its members from junior and senior students, graduate students, faculty, and alumni for the promotion and recognition of high achievement. While Gamma Sigma Delta is an honor society of agriculture, it may elect members from related fields such as biology, botany, chemistry, economics, entomology, forestry, home economics, plant pathology, sociology, statistics, veterinary medicine, or zoology when the work of the individuals is related to agriculture. Officers, committee chairpersons, and other leading the chapter are faculty or alumni.

Faculty and staff inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta were as follows:

Charles M. Denney, Ag Marketing and Communications
Douglas E. Edlund, Ag Marketing and Communications
Emily C. Gray, CASNR
Kelli R. Moore, Cumberland County Extension Service
Emily L. Tipton, Animal Science

Faculty & Staff Initiates

Undergraduate students inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta were as follows:

Tiffany Anderson
Catherine Dailey
Jennifer Janowitz
Alee Lynch
Emily Martin
Sheena McNeil
Kirk Morris
Brian Ross
Aaron Wheeler
Elizabeth Willis

Undergraduate Initiates

Graduate students inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta were as follows:

Omaima Ahmed
Jennifer Allen
Shari Baxter
Howard Black
Kellie Burris
Nathan Caldwell
Alejandro Dellachiesa
Sharon Greene
Mary Ruth Griffin
Patrick Hamilton
Amy Kovach
Qinghe Li
Michael Mancusi
Lori Jean Mantooth
Amy Mathis
Rissa Mitchell
Lilia Milagros Santiago
Harwood Schaffer
Gustavo Schuenemann
Katie Simmons
Susanna Sutherland
Hiroyuki Takeshima
Jeffrey Webb
Chunxia Wu
Manlu Yu
Yu Zhang

Graduate Student Initiates

College of Veterinary Medicine students inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta were as follows:


CVM Initiates

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