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2010 Award Recipients and New Members

The fall initiation and awards banquet of the UT Chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta, the Honor Society of Agriculture, was held November 16, 2010. Dr. Mark Fly, chapter president, presided over the evening’s events, which featured Mr. Justin Crowe, 4-H Extension Specialist, as the guest speaker. Faculty and student awards of excellence were also presented.

Faculty Award of Excellence Recipients:

Distinguished Achievement in Agriculture Mr. John Sanford, Tennessee Department of Agriculture

Excellence in ExtensionDr. David Kirkpatrick, Animal Science 

Excellence in Research – Dr. Dean Kopsell, Plant Sciences 

Excellence in Teaching – Dr. Bonnie Ownley, Entomology & Plant Pathology 

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Outstanding Student Merit Awards:

Outstanding Freshman Award:
Ali Caroline Martin, Animal Science

Outstanding Sophomore Award: (tie)
          Lydia Elaine Watson, Animal Science
          Erick Robert Foster, Biosystems Engineering

Outstanding Junior Award: (tie)
         Bradley Thomas McQueen, Foresty
         Amy Kathleen Webb, Wildlife & Fisheries Science-W&F                                               Management

College of Veterinary Medicine Outstanding Student Merit Awards:

First Year Award:         Jacqueline A. DeVoto
                                    Lindsey N. Hill
                                    Maria C. Jugan   
                                    Suzanne M. Khalafalla
                                    Nicole Wright Bayless     

Second Year Award:   Kristina A. Cooney
                                    Kandace K. England
                                    Vanessa C. Hale
                                    Caroline G. Horner

Third Year Award:     Christina Mae-Wah Chan

The following undergraduate students were initiated into Gamma Sigma Delta:

      Mary Dell Deweese (Animal Science)
      S. Michael Ensminger (Food Science/Food Science &                Technology)
      Erick Foster (Biosystems Engineering)
      Julie Jones (Plant Sciences)
      Kendall Claire Payne (Food Science & Technology)
      Elizabeth Royal (Food Science and Technology/Pre-Pharm.)
      John Schultz (Ag & Resource Economics/Food & Ag Business)

      Heather L. Bowers (Plant Sciences/Landscape Design)
      Lauren M. Dudenbostel (Animal Science)
      Andrea K. Floyd (Agricultural Economics and Business)
      Robert W. Hawkins (Ag & Resource Econ/Food & Ag                 Business)
      Lauren Martin (Natural Resource & Environmental                 Economics)
      Kelly Miller (Animal Science)
      Philip A. Moore (Ag & Resource Economics/Food & Ag                 Business)
      Megan Ann Ogle (Food Science)
      Laurel D. Rizzi (Natural Resource & Environmental                 Economics)
      Laura K. Teague (Agricultural Economics & Business)

The following graduate students were inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta:

   Karim (Entomology & Plant Pathology)
   Hannah Armstrong (Biosystems Engineering Technology)
   Jared Beaver (Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries/Wildlife                Management)
   Jessie Lee Birckhead (Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries/                Management)
   Lu Chen (Biosystems Engineering)
   Radha Ganapathy (Food Science & Technology/food Micro               Biology)
   Zhimei Guo (Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries/Natural Resources)
   Jessica Pegan Harris (Animal Science/Reproductive Physiology)
   Katie Horm (Food Science & Technology)
   Yaohua Huang (Biosystems Engineering)
   Cassi S. Jones (Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science/Env &                Soil Sci)
   Crystal Kelly (Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science/Biosys                Eng)
   Jennifer Kay Lane (Plant Sciences/Agronomy)
   Deidra S. Lyons (Food Science)
   Jonathan Thomas Mixon (Entomology & Plant Pathology)
   Maryanne Murphy (Small Animal Clinical Sci/Comp & Exp Med)
   Kimberly Nagle (Animal Science/Reproductive Physiology)
   Jennifer Roper (Agricultural & Extension Education)
   Bhavini Shah (Food Science & Technology)
   Jason Shultz (Animal Science/Nutritional Studies)
   Andrea L. Vu (Entomology & Plant Pathology)
   Kara Warwick (Plant Sciences)
   Benjamin Wiggins (Plant Sciences/Plant Breeding)
   Matthew Wiggins (Plant Sciences)
   Wei Zhou (Animal Science)

The following College of Veterinary Medicine students were initiated into Gamma Sigma Delta:

     Gabrielle Angelo
     Kristina Ann Cooney
     Kandace England
     Kelly Grimes
     Leslie Sadeghi
     Rachel Tulipan

The following UTIA faculty and staff were initiated as members of Gamma Sigma Delta:

   Lori Gallimore Belew (4-H Youth Development)
   Justin Crowe (4-H Youth Development)
   Martin Koon (Central Region Extension)
   Daniel Sarver (4-H Youth Development)
   Jim Thompson (Veterinary Medicine)
   Amy Williams (4-H Youth Development)

2009-2010 Gold Chapter Award

The Chapter extends its hearty congratulations to all award winners and a warm welcome to all new members.


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